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By kari | | Posted on Jun 1, 2021

Federal Dallas Jury Awards Plaintiff $2.55 million in Bard IVC Filter Case

On Friday May 28, a federal jury in Dallas, Texas, awarded $2.55M to a plaintiff against CR Bard Inc. and Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc., manufacturers of the Bard IVC filter line of medical devices. The plaintiff, Shanequeia Marie Wright, was represented by Laura J. Baughman and Ben C. Martin of Martin Baughman PLLC.

Wright was injured when a Bard Recovery IVC filter fractured and two pieces of the filter lodged in her heart and lung. Wright, age 47, had received the Bard filter in 2005 prior to having surgery. IVC filters are designed to prevent pulmonary embolism, a type of blood clot. In 2018 Wright discovered that the filter had broken apart and was also causing a pulmonary embolism.

The jury of 8 unanimously found that the Bard filter was defectively designed. Bard had placed the Recovery on the market in 2003 as a new retrievable filter device. Devices before it had all been permanent devices. The Recovery filter was pulled from the market by Bard in 2005.

Bard has been plagued with problems associated with its retrievable line of IVC filters including complications of fracture, migration, and perforation.  Bard’s problems with the Recovery led to a series of deaths and ultimately to the development of a replacement device without the retrievability option.

Bard, now owned by Becton-Dickinson, was the subject defendant in an 8000 case MDL that was disbanded in 2019. Hundreds of remanded cases are on file in federal district courts across the country.

Martin Baughman IVC Filter Verdicts

July 27,2021 | Dallas Morning News reporter Marin Wolf recently highlighted the Martin Baughman trial team’s string of four jury verdicts across the country on behalf of individuals injured by defective IVC blood filters. In “Dallas law firm’s combined verdicts top $7 million in series of blood clot filter lawsuits”

June 2021 | Johnson v Bard — The plaintiff received a $3.3 million jury verdict in a case involving a Bard Meridian IVC filter.  Ben C. Martin represented Johnson.

May 2021 | Shanequeia Marie Wright v Bard — The first Bard Recovery filter case tried. The plaintiff received a $2.55 million jury verdict. Wright was represented by Laura J. Baughman and Ben C. Martin.

May 2021 | Justin Peterson v Bard  — The plaintiff received a $926,000.00 jury verdict in a case involving a Bard Eclipse filter. Peterson was represented in federal court in Portland, Oregon by Tom Arbon and Ben C. Martin of Dallas, Texas, Joe Johnson of West Palm Beach, Florida and Keith Dozier of Portland, Oregon.

February 2019 | Tonya Brand v Cook  — Attorneys Ben C. Martin and Laura J. Baughman obtained a $3 million jury verdict against Cook Medical in another IVC filter case in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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